Hi, I am Tomasz Bak.
I help software development teams
craft flexible and maintainable front-ends.


  • Front-end Development, Consulting and Mentoring
  • Micro Frontend Architectures and Modularization
  • Front-end Integration and E2E Testing

React Training

I run workshops and training sessions for existing teams, getting them up to scratch and prepared for writing and managing front-ends that they expect to grow.

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I have over 12+ years of professional software development expertise gained in working with 20+ customers from Europe and the US. I have a proven track record of working with teams, designing and implementing front-ends.

Data-driven marketing analytics platform

TD Reply GmbH (former trommsdorff + drüner innovation + marketing consultants GmbH) are a Berlin-based company that provide a suite of data-driven services and customisable software products with which to redefine business strategies and operations.The solutions are meant to enable and support trend explorations, advanced analytics, creative strategies and data-driven business incubation.

Services contributed

  • Leading dashboards configuration builder development
  • Developed dashboard modules using Highcharts and D3 (funnels, scatterplots, treemaps)
  • Designed Redux store architecture
Tom was a great contributor to our product development. He is striving for good solutions, takes well researched decisions, and did go the extra mile more than once. He is a passionate, skilled, and collaborative IT expert and developer that you should not hesitate to work with!
Christoph Oellrich
Christoph Oellrich
Senior Project Manager and Product Owner, TD Reply GmbH, DE

AI-powered user classification and analytics platform

Simplaex (former GameGenetics) deliveres AI-powered and ML-based user classification and marketing analytics software solutions. The company delivers adtech products in the areas of performance advertising, marketing fraud prevention, predictive bidding, application retargeting and the like.

Services contributed

  • Leading data analytics dashboard development
  • Developed dashboard modules using Highcharts
  • Implemented data compare on charts similar to Google Analytics
Tomasz is without doubt one of the best developers i've ever worked with. We've worked together on many project for over a year, and each project Thomasz proved himself as an irreplaceable asset to the team. He has great attention to details, always suggests new and better ways of solving problems and provides an efficient and high-quality product at the end of the project.
Udi Miron
Udi Miron
Senior Product Manager, Simplaex GmbH, DE

Real estate digital marketing agency software systems and apps

Inviso AS is a Norwegian real estate digital marketing agency delivering services for property brokers. The system contained a suite of tools supporting the company’s collaborations with B2B customers, suppliers and third-parties. Thalamus is used for gathering, placing and managing orders, processing large amounts of visual material, in-house resource and supplier booking and task assignment management, quality assurance, customer preferences management.

Services contributed

  • Implemented workflows for digital products production
  • Integration with Navision ERP and other external systems
  • Large data migration to AWS cloud services
  • Implemented other interactive digital products for real estate marketing like room painting visualizers, interactive floor plans and building presentations
I rarely come across real talents in frontend system development who stand out like Tomasz. I had the pleasure of working with Tomasz for 5 years in a customer-client collaboration. Tomasz ability to quickly understand complex challenges in business development and translating communication challenges into business opportunities is unlike any I’ve seen before. As a team member or a leader, Tomasz earns my highest recommendation.
Knut Linnerud
Knut Linnerud
CEO, Inviso AS, NO

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